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As the importance of Early Childhood Learning is increasingly recognized as a key to mitigating the impact of poverty, racial and ethnic isolation so prevalent in American cities, Smith Edwards McCoy has distinguished itself in the Greater Hartford area with the quality of its design of Early Childhood School Building Design Environments. Whether renovated or newly constructed, Early Childhood facilities are vital components of the elementary schools designed by Smith Edwards McCoy.

The genesis of our interest and skill in designing accommodating spaces for young children likely lies in the immersive experience we enjoyed as architects for the Montessori Magnet School at the Learning Corridor in Hartford, CT, completed in 1990. In addition to understanding the educational and teaching philosophy developed by Maria Montessori, this experience certainly allowed us to more fully understand how young children relate to and experience space. This in turn lead us to the work of Reggio Emilia and the Domus Academy, and has resulted in a more refined understanding of sensory perception of young children as it relates to space, color and the “soft qualities” of environments for young children.

With this awareness Smith Edwards McCoy has brought a heightened Early Childhood School Building Design and Architecture sensitivity to all of its early childhood and elementary school work. This is in full evidence in the classrooms, science classrooms, library, playgrounds and general scale of the Renbrook School in West Hartford, CT. After having developed a campus Master Plan, Smith Edwards McCoy designed multiple additions, buildings and various facilities over the ensuing decade.

At their Early Childhood School Building Design core each school is inviting, and nurturing and inspires individual and collective growth.

It can also be seen in the award winning elementary schools completed for the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC), and the City of Hartford. Our sensitivity to the way small children experience their physical environment can be seen in every aspect of these school designs: the abundance of natural light, placement of windows, the scale of spaces, and selection of materials and colors.