University of Hartford – Magnet School

This 76,000 square foot elementary magnet school is the first public school designed to specifically support the Multiple Intelligence Educational theories of Harvard University’s Dr. Howard Gardner. The architects worked with the University’s College of Education faculty, as well as nationally known MI experts, to craft a unique building program unlike any other school.

The distinctive architecture of the school supports the mission of Multiple Intelligences learning. Classrooms are designed to promote learning in each of the intelligences that they represent: spacious classrooms for Spatial and Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence, and intimate spaces for Intrapersonal Intelligence. All classrooms have direct access to outdoor “life gardens” to support learning in the Naturalistic Intelligence. Even the socialization that takes place during meals was taken into consideration: the school has two dining rooms and serveries and students dine at round tables so that conversation and learning is enhanced.

An Early Childhood Education Center, Wellness Center, Faculty Center and a Family Resource Center complete the facilities of this school.

This magnet school remains extremely popular with both urban and suburban parents and is considered one of the most successful magnets in the State’s program. As the University’s president quipped, “it is now statistically more difficult to get into the UH Magnet School that it is to Harvard.”


Capitol Region Education Council




Completed 2002

University of Hartford Magnet School

University of Hartford Shaftway

University of Hartford Magnet School Library