Wadsworth Atheneum

Smith Edwards McCoy Architects has provided design services to the Wasdworth Atheneum for thirty-two years, and in that time we have undertaken a continuing series of diverse projects. These include the design and installation of a new first floor gallery, a lighting plan to properly illuminate the collections, and the redesign of the conservator’s studio and textile storage areas. We have initiated a comprehensive plan to make the complex fully accessible to the handicapped by several new elevators and by means of a series of ramps integrated into the historic architecture. The firm has assisted with the decoration and installation of several period rooms, and coordinated architectural changes to accommodate a new state-of-the-art central air-conditioning system. An enormous historic skylight was completely rebuilt based on our details, and we have overseen the re-roofing of the entire complex.

In 2009, Smith Edwards McCoy Architects was retained by the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art to undertake major and extensive exterior repairs and restorations to the various envelope components of its five building campus. This work was completed in 2012, with sufficient budget funds left to allow for several small additional projects to be brought to completion.

Currently the office is working with the Atheneum on a series of gallery redesign projects that incorporate reconfiguration of the gallery plans, installation of new finishes, lighting and casework.
Our continued association with the museum has been mutually satisfying and is a source of great pride to our office.


Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art


Phase I (1981): $4,000,000

Phase II (1992): $3,800,000

Phase III (2012): $15,000,000

Phase IV (current): $7,500,000



Wadsworth Atheneum – Entrance

Wadsworth Atheneum – Grand Room

Wadsworth Atheneum – Gallery